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Singing the Psyche/ The Voice Unchained



This training grounds individuals in a very particular way of expanding the parameters of their voices, encountering the stories of their bodies and psyches, and enabling others, whatever their level of verbal skill or accomplishment, to increase their expressive and communicative ability.

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The training is both content and competence based, beginning with the experience and investigation of the self through breath, voice, movement, creativity and process. It requires both practical and intellectual understanding and demonstration of the core principles and theoretical underpinnings of VMT, and the presentation and performance of creative work. Those who complete both the experiential and the qualifying portions of the training are eligible to apply to the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy for acceptance as Registered VMT Practitioners (VMTR).


The Training Includes:

    • A thorough grounding in the core principles of VMT;
    • Engagement with VMT creative process work and song-making;
    • An introduction to VMT therapeutic process;
    • An introduction to the relation of vocal development to developmental movement, the acquisition of speech and the formation of a sense of self;
    • Exploration of individual issues and themes in movement, song, imagery and enactment;
    • An active involvement in creative group process and its relevance to developing community connections.

The human voice is the first instrument and singing we emerged into the world. Over time and with the acquisition of language, emotional content has become increasingly disengaged from expression. As our voices emanate from within us, they reveal both our thoughts and our emotional states. At once our unique signature, the voice is a mystery, bridging the internal and the external worlds.

VMT works with individuals in their entirety, recognizing that, as the body is host to the voice, it is necessary to re-embody that voice, not just from the diaphragm up, but through a holistic engagement of body, mind and soul. The more we can connect our vocal output to our physical selves - the more flexible, durable, versatile and responsive we can make it to life as we experience it – the more we can ground ourselves in the reality of our whole being.  Working with a particular set of vocal components, breathing and massage techniques, images, ideas, and the sounds and characters that emerge when engaging with one's own story through the embodied voice, we seek to bring that voice into the world.

VMT combines psychotherapeutic principles with breath-work, movement, imagery, massage, song and improvisation, seeking to explore the relationship of mind, body and spirit which make up the human condition. As the voice is the most direct means of approaching the material which resides inside in each individual, through VMT the ability to use the voice expressively is expanded and we touch the depths of ourselves to encounter our potential and our release, finding a more conscious relation to ourselves.


This work is currently being applied and expanded by registered members of the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy (IAVMT) info@iavmt.org or www.iavmt.org


Trainings approved by the International Association for Voice Movement Therapy (IAVMT) have been taught in the USA and South Africa and may in the future be held in other countries and locations.



Training Details